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Web testing obstacles

Hi friends and folks,

For those who keep up with what I am currently doing, you may notice that our website is at pre-beta testing stage and I am very excited every time I think about it. But now there is one difficulty that I admit that I do not know how to solve, hope you guys can help.

I am testing HTML, CSS and Javascript on Firefox and IE7, the site seems to run well on those 2 standard browser but since I received several issues that it is broken on IE6, Safari and other older browser, the headache has started. For CSS issues, although it was the first pain for my head and I am not a CSS master, it was solved quickly by detecting and adding separate CSS file to separate browser.

Now comes the interesting part, playing with Javascript is fun but it is only the joy when you have the so-called "toys" in your hand. Without those tools Firebug, WebdeveloperToolbar, I feel confused. And that is the situation I currently face with IE6 and other unfamiliar browsers. It is even worse when my working environment only has Firefox and IE7. Fooling around between my laptop and PC is a waste of time. I really want to find a solution having everything on a single machine, I also hope in the internet, someone has made a Javascript debugger on IE6 or Safari. Then life should be much easier.

Well, meanwhile, I am downloading Safari on Windows and IE6 standalone to try out; fixing some PHP bugs with Eclipse and eh oh it's Sunday, may be going to the pool will refresh my mind a little bit.