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How did I tame my IE6 stand alone


Today morning, I wrote an entry about how difficult it is to have Firefox, IE7, IE6 and Safari running on a single machine. Now it is not really a matter anymore, thanks to someone has made a portable IE6, I can have an old friend back. There is also a Windows version of Safari 3, but it is still at beta stage and for some unknown reasons it crashed on my XP. (I will figure it out later.)

There are couples of tweaks need to be done before having IE6 operate properly. You can follow it here to enable cookies, append a "IE 6" title to the browser and fix the conditional comments feature in CSS. Life is just half beautiful again.

Later on, I found a Javascript bug on my site and, well, it is time to google for a good IE script debugger, I found this and this, and decided to use IE Developer Toolbar and Debug Bar since it looks neat and user-friendly. The functionality is somehow similar to the commendable Firebug of Firefox. If there is any problem, Script Debugger for Windows is my first candidate in the waiting list.