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A week of Memphis #1 (13->20 April 2008)

Yeah, this type of blogging is copied from other blog but I think it's cool to remind what I have done or at least my friends can keep up to my work. Make a comment if anything went wrong here :P . Ok, in the previous week, I did:

  1. Deploy a new production server.
  2. Write a php script to clean redundant files on that server.
  3. Solve DNS problem with the domain.
  4. Install memcache on my test server.
  5. Convert real link from text in the book description, for example: mahshelf.com now becomes http://mahshelf.com.
  6. Change page title dynamically to improve page SEO.
  7. Make a presentation about Web 2.0 user interface at EVTEK school and receive lots of criticisms about that :( .
  8. Think about my mom, forex rates showed 1 Euro = 26,058.5 Vietnamese Dong yesterday, my currency lost its value for the last 5 years. Being a Vietnamese is tough.

Moreover, I also write a quick note here as a to-do list, if you find sth missing, inform me through the comment.

  • Make a good benchmark on how memcache can really save the day.
  • Although the link is automatically linked, it still breaks the layout if the URL is too long, need to truncate the URL (not easy with those php preg_replace functions :( )
  • Need to add dynamic meta keywords to improve page SEO as well.
  • Improve URL routing system.
  • Fix current CSS tooltip, an alternative is using an AJAXed one to save bandwidth.