Zocoi Vietnamese /ʒoʊ kɔɪ/: (informal) Let's watch/read together

Update: Book options

Hello! You can now select the following options for your books before uploading them as well as modifying later in ‘My account’ page:

  • Set as "private" : private books cannot be found by other users through any search result, related book suggestion or the Bookshelf (Profile) of the users who uploaded those contents. If you want to read a private book, you'll have to know the link of it. If you have uploaded some books that you only want to share with certain people, set them as "private".
  • Set as "not suitable for everyone" : if you have uploaded some books that have certain amount of mature content or might offense someone (but are not really violating MahShelf terms of use)...  set them as "not suitable for everyone". When other users open these books, they will be notified with a warning message and required to Confirm that they really want to read the books regardless of the consequences.
  • Disable commenting : Don't want others commenting on your books? Chose this option.
  • Disable rating : Don't want others rating your books? Choose this option.

Some of you might have noticed the change of our 'Flash reader' recently. Indeed, we are testing the new reading application, which will make it most pleasant for you to read digital comics and books online. Summer is here! Have fun everybody :D