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Things learned from Muxlim

The purpose of this entry is not to disparage the muxlim website but to remind myself that those things may happen to young startup and show the lesson of avoiding them.
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  1. Try your best not to show the users errors, instead inform them something more friendly like "Oops, something weird happened".
  2. Why does Muxlim use the Agavi framework? Is it supposed to be the next generation one? I have never heard of it before I met the error. But the real question is that isn't it too risky to use a early-staged framework due to the lack of documentation and support? But I believe that the folks at Muxlim has made a right choice.
  3. Team MahShelf has something to learn from this error: let's release frequently and constantly. Look at the latest date that Muxlim released the next version of their website :2008-07-09. Let's move our asses to make the next release faster :D
  4. Doctrine is a good ORM in my opinion, so I need more time to think how to migrate from Propel to Doctrine and it will be a severe pain in my head. Oh well, it is still fine, I have made several "180-degree" decisions like that since I was in charged of MahShelf project :D

PS: For those who still do not understand this entry is about, Muxlim.com is a social network found in Finland and this entry was inspired by its error shown during its down time.