Zocoi Vietnamese /ʒoʊ kɔɪ/: (informal) Let's watch/read together

Content Moderating Policy

This week we have banned over 50 books reported as copyright infringement. It is time consuming for us to find out whether the contents uploaded to our system are legally appropriate or not. Therefore, we are going to apply temporary banning to any user account that has copyright infringing contents as first time warning. Should the user is reported to continue uploading such contents, a permanent banning will be applied.


Starting from next week we will take this issue more seriously. We are relying on the whole community to help us monitoring the site’s contents. The “Report” button would be a helpful feature for you to inform us about inappropriate contents. We are working hard to bring you the best reading experience and social features of online comic books. And we will act immediately upon any report or feedback we receive.