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5 copyright rules of MahShelf

Dear Mahshelfers,

As we are aiming for a better environment where comic artists and publishers can feel at ease putting comics to MahShelf.com, there are things regarding copyrights we must make clear to everyone:

  1. Copyright infringed contents are forbidden on MahShelf. All comics uploaded to MahShelf will be read though and checked by contacting the artists/authors/publishers. Any detected infringement will be banned immediately.
  2. Copyright-free, fair-use (or the more popular term: Creative Commons) comics are allowed. Uploaders must link back to the original sources or mention the artists/authors/publishers' names.
  3. In case the artists/authors/publishers give their permission to upload their comics on MahShelf, uploaders must say so in the comics' descriptions. MahShelf staffs will search and try to contact the copyright holders to confirm such permission. If no confirmation is received from the copyright holders in 1 month, the uploaded comics will be treated as copyright infringements.
  4. Every artists/authors/publishers upload their own comics on MahShelf should also link back to their own sites if possible. MahShelf staffs will try to contact the copyright holders to confirm such publication.
  5. In the near future, more filters and processes will be added to MahShelf to strengthen our commitment to protect comic artists/authors/publishers rights.

With great comics come great respectability. So to all comic makers out there, we give you our best regards!

The MahShelf editor team