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User interface and system upgrade

Over the last 2 months we've been working on a redesign of our account/profile interface. The previous template was quite plain. We wanted to provide everyone with a glossier feeling, but still keep the simplicity of the whole system. And this upgrade is, so far, quite satisfactory for us.

[caption id="attachment_167" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="CC 2.0 photo from MK Media Productions@flickr"]upgrade[/caption]

Many changes have been made, not only in graphic designs, but also in technical structures (a newer version of javascript library, brand new design in core system and database...). With this new architectural approach, site performance and stability of MahShelf have been improved a lot. In the future, it will be easier and quicker to add new features such as theme changing, profile customization...etc.

More coming soon!

The MahShelf editor team