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My flight from Helsinki to Bangkok

WARNING: This post is a joke I invented which places myself as a bad guy with hoax language, inspired by Angry Video Game Nerd

I m here in Bangkok while writing this message. The first flight with Finnair was fine, I kinda like the traditional omelet; the stewardesses are as old as my grandma, but that s ok, i got used to that.

The second flight with China Airlines was ... how can i say? At first, there was no TV or monitor (on the big boeing 747-400 ), so I supposed to stare at the front seat for the next 12 hours, hell no ! Ok, let's look at the flight magazine and ... FFFFFFUUUUUU where is the English section? why everything is in Chinese, Mandarin, whatever. Oh you know what? In the last pages of that shitty magazine, they list all the movies and music that I am supposed to enjoy during the flight. That was a joke to me, how can I enjoy when there is no fucking screen!. Did they cut the cost because of the economic crisis? However, the food was good, the air hostesses looked beautiful. They even served me Japanese beer and snacks so that was a plus.

Overall, I rate this flight 3 out of 5 stars. Next, at 5pm I will have a flight to Ho Chi Minh City with AirAsia, i will update later, bye