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Student apartments in Espoo, plus pros and cons


This is just a reminder for all the places I have been living during my awesome student life in Espoo. Feel free to share your own opinions

Siltakuja 2 

Pros: Convenient place , it is next to almost everything since it is right next to the town center. You would find it very handy to pause your cooking and spend a few minutes buying the missing the ingredients.

Cons: Small room with complicated neighborhood. Not to mention the noisy weekend nights.

Vieraskuja 5

Pro: Good heating. Nice neighborhood. The handyman visits quite often so the whole building is in good condition. One thing which is convenient specifically to me is that it is very close to the swimming pool.

Cons: Not very close to universities such as Metropolia or Aalto

Kilonrinne 10 & Kilonkallio 10

Pros: One of the most affordable, probably the cheapest.

Cons: Pretty cold in the winter, not because of the heating, the building is made of wood and steel.

To be continued...