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First things to be done in US

Disclaimer: At the time writing this post, I m not in the US yet. The post will be updated if there is any tip learned.

First things first, those are essential and initial things to have before doing anything else in the US

  • Get a US phone number
    • Cheap virgin mobile subscription: http://gdgt.com/question/coming-to-us-need-help-with-phone-data-plan-di2/
  • Open a bank account
    • Well Fargo is suggested because it doesnt require SSN to open a checking account
  • Get a travel pass - Clipper card is a reloadable fare payment card
    • BART ~ Metro
    • Muni
    • SamTrans
  • Register in SEVIS (not later than 20 days after DS-2019 start date)
  • Apply for SSN 2 days after registering in SEVIS

To be updated...

Some notes:

Getting from SFO Airport to San Francisco by train

There's a BART station in the International terminal. Just turn right when you get through the customs.

BART to downtown costs approximately $8.50. You should check what's your last stop (probably Powell St, Montgomery St or Embarcadero).