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Second month, FYI: for your improvement and other random stuff

Yes, it has been 2 months since I started working and wandering around San Francisco. I feel time passing by pretty fast but that is a good thing, it means I cherish my time being here. My creative juice is still flowing accompanied by the joyful satisfaction of what I have done and seen here.

Here are a few productive tips learned from the office:

- Startups deploy their product/service early and often. Take pride in your code or take it personally when you slow the site down. Test more.

- Paper is cheap, wasting extra time on a feature is not. Do whiteboard planning before writing the first line of code.

- Comment when code doesn't speak for itself. Sometimes being a Rubyist I forgot this.

- Hard work does not pay off, especially for software engineer. Working for long hours doesn't mean contributing more. It is a matter of having a right amount of workload to be productive and get more done.

Besides, I start subscribing to several local blog, just to have a glance of what is going on outside

And to all the geeks out there, here is the bonus:

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