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It turns out that I have "alcohol flush reaction"

Bad news!

I have been wondering why my face start turning red after the first sip of alcohol and the condition runs in my family. It turns out that I have ADH1B gene coding which causes alcohol flush reaction. Here is the article from Wikipedia.

The gene results in an inhibited acetaldehydedehydrogenase enzyme, responsibile for the breakdown of acetaldehyde, the main substance produced by oxidation of ethylene glycol, a.k.a alcohol.

It is worse that people with that gene may be at a higher risk for alcohol-related diseases, such as liver and esophageal cancers and digestive tract cancer.

From now on, I just have to reduce the consumption of alcohol, or better, do not consume alcohol at all.

Sorry friends! I know it's awkward to have sober guy at the table but it has to be done.