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Is playing video games a waste of time?

Answer by Mike Bevil:

Well, I can't speak for you or anyone else, but...
The only major regret I have in my life (now a 48 year old man) is the time I wasted playing video games earlier in my life. As you get older, you realize that the only thing of true value in life is time. We are all dealt 168 hours a week and nobody, no matter how rich or powerful can ever get more than anyone else...time is a truly the only non-renewable resource. When I was younger I spent A LOT of time playing games (especially World of Warcraft for 7 years). Now I wish I had spent that time doing things like spending time with my kids/family/friends, exercising and being healthier, applying it to learning to play guitar better, getting better at photography and painting, continuing my education in other ways, learning to cook better, etc etc.

I have come to believe that video games were a HUGE waste of my time and I want those THOUSANDS of hours back to re-apply to something more meaningful to my life. I think video games are like drugs or alcohol...an easy, quick way to escape reality. yes, they provide a form of entertainment and are more productive than watching The Big Bang Theory or a similar stupid show, but nonetheless, it is time that could be better spent on dozens of other things that will enrich your life in a better way in my opinion. And anyone saying otherwise has their head in the sand and is fooling themselves and justifying the time wasted in the same way that a drug user or alcoholic justifies their behaviors.

That's my personal view. And I am sure I will be flamed for saying it.

Is playing video games a waste of time?